HNT Gordon Snipe Bill Plane
HNT Gordon Snipe Bill Plane
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HNT Gordon Snipe Bill Plane

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The HNT Gordon Snipe Bill Plane is made with gidgee bodies and brass hardware. It measures 8.85" Long x 0.87" Wide x 2.76" High (225mm x 22mm x 70mm) and weighs 21.2oz (600g). It comes with a TS iron that measures 3/16" Thick x 1/2" Wide ground to 30-degrees.

Used for following marking gauge lines to form groves to start hollow and round planes when forming furniture mouldings. They can also form quirks to accentuate curve shapes in mouldings.

The sole is a concave 1/2" radius

TS (O1) - Tool Steel (High Carbon Steel)

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