Introduction to Dovetails
Introduction to Dovetails
Introduction to Dovetails
Introduction to Dovetails
Introduction to Dovetails
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Introduction to Dovetails

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  • 3 Night Class – $ 250. + HST
  • Tuesday, July 31st
  • Tuesday, August 7th
  • Tuesday, August 14th
  • Each class runs from 6pm - 9pm.
  • All materials are included.

Dovetails are arguably the most used form of joinery in furniture making…why? Strength and beauty.

Hand cut dovetails have become the hallmark of ‘fine furniture’ making. Whether you’re joining a cabinet carcase or making a small drawer, this joint is used over and over again in furniture making.

From material selection to the tools we use, we’ll look at all the tips and techniques needed so you’ll leave with the confidence and knowledge to create this joint in your own shop. This course is suited for beginners, up to intermediate woodworkers who wish to build confidence in their dovetail technique.

In this series, you’ll learn how to layout and execute: the traditional dovetail joint; the lapped, or half-blind dovetail joint; and a decorative dovetail joint.

Course skills:

  • Marking & measuring
  • Hand sawing
  • Hand plane adjustment & use
  • Chisel use
  • Using bench hooks, sawing guides and shooting boards
  • Hand cut dovetail joints

About the instructor
Richard is a life-long tinkerer and builder of things.  Having previously built things in the electronic, optical, mechanical and metal realms he has seen his share of large, loud and dangerous machines. He now enjoys the peace and pace, the reflection and perfection of hand-tool woodworking.  You'll often find Richard at The Unplugged Woodshop, building furniture for a family member, or a puzzle box to frustrate his (former) friends.

— All students at UW must be 18 years and older to attend —

—Directions: Main entrance is on Thackeray Street —

If you experience any difficulty in booking a class please call us at 416-463-9407