Hand Tool Bootcamp
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Hand Tool Bootcamp

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  • Saturday, May 19th, 2018
  • 1 Day Course – $ 250. + HST
  • Starts at 10:00 am (1 Hour lunch) and finishes at 5:00 pm.
  • All materials are included.

Our Hand Tool Bootcamp focuses on Sharpening, Stock Preparation and Hand Plane set-up and use.


The best hand tools in the world are useless in the hands of the woodworker who doesn’t know how to sharpen them. Sharpening plane irons can be a hurdle for new woodworkers, and frustrating for even skilled woodworkers. We’ll show you how to easily and effectively sharpen your plane irons. 

Stock Preparation:

You’ll learn the importance of wood selection when working with hand tools. How to choose the appropriate tool for the size of wood you are working, and the skill that all woodworkers must learn, how to 6 side square a board.

The Hand Plane:

You’ll get an extensive overview of the hand plane, how to use it, how to set it up and how to maintain on a day to day basis.
 You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how it works and what to do when it doesn’t. 


— All students at UW must be 18 years and older to attend —

—Directions: Main entrance is on Thackeray Street —

If you experience any difficulty in booking a class please call us at 416-463-9407